"SPUMES" is a tool that integrates online controllers which can communicate with the PLCs that have been enabled with the port facility of Serial with MODBUS Protocol or TCP/IP with Ethernet Protocol that helps in having the data into the software which can be used for the data interpretation, predictive maintenance.

The plants have the PLC with the SCADA system, we have seen by practice that not all the parameters are on the PLC system which implies that there are log books maintained across the plant for monitoring various parameters.

"SPUMES" solution comprehends the complete maintenance interface helping in house maintenance departments and maintenance contractors across the world to manage and control their assets, predict and prevent machine and equipment failures, improve resource throughput, reduce breakdown frequencies and corresponding downtime, Manage tool & Spare Inventory diligently, Assist in drawing up Maintenance budgets, streamline work order management, generate valuable reports and much more.

Employees, Contractors, Requester's, and Management can access "SPUMES" across multiple sites and can easily keep their maintenance records in one place.

IEC 62264 - Enterprise Control System Integration


The collection of systems acting on the IEC 62264 Level 3 can be called Manufacturing Operations Management Systems (MOMS). Apart from an MES these are typically Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). From the MES point of view possible information flows are:

LIMS Quality test results, product certificates, testing progress Quality test requests, sample lots, statistical process data
WMS Material availability, staged material lots, product shipments Material resource requests, material definitions, product deliveries
CMMS Maintenance progress, Eqpt capability, maintenance schedule Equipment running data, equipment assignments, maintenance requests

BI Relevant Reports and Information

  • Dashboard – Production by Numbers and Production Scoreboard.
  • Costs - Actual % of planned production consumption trend - element wise, item group wise and cost center based.
  • Calculations – Cost Variance, Schedule Variance.
  • KPI - Actual vs Planned, Cost Variance, Efficiency, Energy Perception.
  • Efficiency - % Analysis, Trend Chart, Production Efficiency, What if Scenarios.
  • Hours - Actual vs Planned Production Time, Schedule Variance
  • Lead Time Analysis
  • Benefits of SPUMES

  • KPI, Performance and OEE monitoring compliances
  • Live Monitoring from PLC's - Reporting Breakdowns and Failure Modes.
  • Comprehensive Statistical Analysis & Reporting of Log Book Data compilations through Web Interface.
  • Predictive Maintenance using Sensors and Monitoring Probes as an automated notification.
  • RCA Tools / MTTR & MTBF assessments / Horizontal Deployment of any innovations.
  • Comprehensive and Customizable Reports that are accessible and can be exported through emails.
  • Maintenance Cost / Personnel & Work Order Management.
  • Implementing the Kaizen principles for Continuous Improvement of the Manufacturing Process.
  • Assists in TPM / TQM compliances.
  • Quality Assurance by improvising your rejections and associated analytics.
  • SPUMES - Real Time Data Management

    The real time data management is huge subject which requires the mapping of the devices which are used for the gathering of the analog / digital inputs. This is achieved by the deploying the SCADA which collects information from the PLC that is hardwired to the field devices.

    The SCADA benefits are listed below:
  • Reduces operational costs.
  • Provides immediate knowledge of system performance.
  • Improves system efficiency and performance.
  • Increases equipment life.
  • Reduces costly repairs.
  • Reduces number of man-hours (labour costs) required for troubleshooting or service.
  • Frees up personnel for other important tasks.
  • Facilitates compliance with regulatory agencies through automated report generating.
  • If you have noticed that all the points mentioned above does not carry out the data interpretation and other things which can be carried out by us in the system that can be deployed.

    We have the capability of the deploying the MES and also other systems which can integrate the data into the features listed below:
  • The data collected through the MES deployed or built by us shall have the excellent dashboard with the real time trends / graphs, notifications & alerts to the relevant personnel.
  • The web interface is designed to capture the manual recorded data in the plant and is also integrated in the MES System where the total data is managed to provide the alerts, notifications, predictive information about maintenance of the system.
  • The Predictive maintenance can be deployed in the maintenance management system which we deploy with the advanced warning alerts.
  • The automatic breakdown reporting system that can report PLC warning message to the attached asset in the software.
  • This can also have the web interface to accumulate the data of the log books in the plant that is not taken care by the MES System.
  • The SEC of the System can be calculated by taking the production data versus the energy consumed for the same.
  • OEE calculations based on Operating Time against the Planned Production Time, Pieces in the Operating Time against the Ideal Rate, Rejected Pieces.
  • OEE Factor Calculation OEE %
    Availability Operating Time / Planned Production Time
    Performance Total Pieces per Operating Time / Ideal Run Rate
    Quality Good Pieces / Total Pieces
    Overall OEE Availability x Performance x Quality

    The system that is deployed has the real time data interface, Web interface, production planning, maintenance manager and auditing tools that gives the complete edge for the total plant management solution which can deploy "SPUMES".

    Advantages of the MES over SCADA:

  • Automatic Breakdown reporting System.
  • Maintenance Module Part of the System.
  • Production Planning Part of the System.
  • Manual Logged Data through the Web Interface.
  • Integration of the Plant Data in common Platform.
  • SEC and OEE as part of the KPI.
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